Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Zoom

Learn the potentials and limitations of the Zoom app by reading this informative article! 

In this hyper-competitive market of businesses, companies need to do a lot of meetings and host big events or webinars. Nevertheless, in the times of Covid Pandemic, everything has shifted remotely and it has become difficult to conduct face-to-face meetings or any big events. Not to neglect the fact that meetings and discussions are crucial for enterprises and they can’t be disregarded, we are left with one option: virtual meetings. 

However, we need to use online platforms to conduct such virtual meetings. And as far as we have observed, the Zoom platform is in the limelight these days and helps to conduct various virtual events. 

Quick cue: We’d like to add that not only businesses but educational institutions have also opted for Zoom for conducting online lectures, etc. 

As a new user, this query may come to your mind: 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Zoom app? 

Following are a few advantages and disadvantages of the zoom app: 

Advantages Disadvantages 
Maximum Participant CapacityResource Heavy
Promising Connectivity and Meeting Quality Limited Features and Usability on the Free Plan 
User Friendly Interface and Easy to Use Zoombombing 
Wide Features and Productivity Tools  Lack of Comment Control 

Having given the precise names of advantages and disadvantages, we feel like explaining these to you to lend you a deeper understanding of them. Hence, read on to learn the details. 

Advantages Of Zoom App

Zoom provides various privileges to businesses. Some of them are listed below with some details.

  1. Maximum Participant Capacity 

In comparison to similar apps, Zoom has the highest maximum participant capability for one meeting. Even the free plan can carry up to 100 participants, while the subscriptive plan can host participants up to 500. An optional add-on can stretch the capacity to 1000 participants. We think this is the best facility the Zoom app offers. 

  1. Promising Connectivity and Meeting Quality 

The next advantage of the Zoom app is its performance steadfastness. From what we have experienced and learned from the reviews of tech authorities, we have realized that the all-around user experience is generally stable and reliable. The Zoom app effortlessly outdoes other video chat and video meeting apps such as Skype and Facebook Messenger.

The expansive cloud infrastructure guarantees stability. The company sustains data centers from the world using cloud computing services from Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Its enormous cloud infrastructure assures safe and credible connectivity.

Moreover, if we talk about its video and audio quality, they are also quite impressive and up to the mark. Video quality is up to 720p while audio is as clear as it is on the mobile network but even better. Plus, there are expanded aspects for touching up video appearance, enhancing brightness, and lessening background disturbance.

  1. User-Friendly Interface and Easy To Use App 

The handy thing about this app is that most of the users do not need to create an account to participate in the meeting. What they just need to do is download the app on their mobile devices and click on the link to enter into the planned or ongoing video meeting. Thus, it is all in all simple and easy to use.

Plus, its interface is very user-friendly, you won’t be in trouble to understand the app. You can easily set the app by registering or account creation. There is an unrestricted choice that enables endless meetings for two participants while it is 40-minute for three or up to 100 participants. 

  1. Wide Features and Productivity Tools 

The wide features and productivity tools are what get Zoom app apart from other apps. The tools of this app are wealthy in productivity and interactivity. 

Some of its basic features, for instance, are that you can share your screens and annotation features to enable remote alliance and interaction during online meetings. Plus, the meeting sessions can be taped via the cloud or locally underpaid plans.

Disadvantages of Zoom App 

There are always good and bad aspects of everything. So, the following are some cons of the Zoom app. Read on. 

  1. Resource Heavy 

Be aware that cross-platform availability is an important benefit of Zoom. The app runs on Mac OS of Apple, Microsoft Windows, Chrome OSof Google, and Linux systems like Ubuntu, along with Android and iOS or iPadOS systems. 

Regardless, it is extensively heavy on system resources.

Zoom app can use 50% processing capacity of a 2.6GHz six-core Intel Core i7. 

Although it does not expend a huge part of the RAM, its elevated processing demand has power consumption significantly. The systems can run low on battery for broadened intervals of video meetings.

  1. Limited Features and Usability on the Free Plan

Zoom app resides as a premium video meeting platform for authorities and associations. No need for traditional participants to create their accounts and subscribe to an expended plan. Regardless, for those who want to make use of this platform for conducting virtual meetings without having to pay, the free plan has restricted features such as 40-minute session time that can automatically shut off the meeting after 40 minutes. 

  1. Zoombombing 

Zoombombing is another condition on this platform that results in uninvited individuals breaking the meeting call. Commonly, this will occur in a loud or inappropriate manner by someone who is not linked with anyone on the call to disturb it for pleasure.

  1. Lack of Comment Control 

Zoom carries a lot of customization, it does lack one very vital feature: the power to delete improper comments.

The app does take into account the inappropriate demeanor seriously, but it takes too extended to do anything about it. Plus, this is quite overwhelming for public events because there is frequently a bad apple among the ton.

The Bottom Line 

As an honest verdict, we’d say if you’re not a proper well-established organization and can handle these aforementioned cons of the Zoom app, then you can have it downloaded and use it. Because it’s advantages are not to neglect for. That is. 

Related Question 

Is using the Zoom app safe? 

After doing proper research, we have come to know that there are a ton of rational reasons to be cautious of Zoom. For instance, the security investigators have explored and found numerous prominent vulnerabilities in the app. One of these vulnerabilities is to steal passwords of Windows while the other two can be manipulated to take control over a Zoom user’s Mac and overstep into the webcam and the microphone. 



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