Trello is an overwhelming cloud-based project management and collaboration application that would help you plan your activities at one stage. It is visual and exceptionally versatile, making your life simpler when you have a different combination of people working on your project, mainly when dispersed across various actual areas.

Trello has rapidly developed since it turned off from software firm Fog Creek three years ago, adding many clients at regular intervals. The prominent component of Trello’s development has been its ‘viral’ adoption across associations. That makes it like devices like Dropbox and Slack, which likewise depended on end-client selection for growth as opposed to hierarchical corporate software rollouts. 

One of the other reasons for its popularity is that it is extremely simple to utilize, a profoundly visual application that permits individuals to get them coordinated and work adequately. Without a great deal of exertion, it can carry others into their circle to work on different kinds of undertakings.


As a project management application, Trello is generally suited for groups that work on numerous projects simultaneously, especially in small and mid-sized organizations. Since Trello is a cloud-based tool, it would not be ideal for organizations searching for on-premise project management software or large organizations. 

The extent of a project can fluctuate enormously. A project may comprise making a visual promotion for an online media-advertising firm, arranging when to post it for their customer, and posting this advertisement afterward. For a development organization, doing a project incorporates designing the project, getting materials, and building the outcome.

Trello is best for both the web-based media group and the development group. Even though the means differ extraordinarily between each undertaking, the actual projects have similar designs.

Although building a house might be a lot harder or take any longer than making an Instagram advertisement, the two of them comprise organized steps, and the two of them could profit from Trello. Trello attempts to offer a one-size-fits-all device for projects in any field.


Here’s a list of WHAT Trello can be used for:

  • Arrange your day: Trello can gather your errands into records while yet getting an elevated perspective of your whole day.
  • Save a recipe and plan your suppers: Trello simplifies it to put together your recipes and plan seven days’ worth of dinners.
  • Plan and prioritize all the media you need to burn through in an individual dashboard.
  • Arrange all a blog or site work
  • Deal with your cash and individual financial plan
  • Plan and prioritize all wedding or other huge occasion work
  • Sort out your side interests and individual assortments
  • Plan family tasks and spring cleanings
  • Keep steady over your vacation shopping by keeping track
  • Plan a birthday celebration
  • Record your kids’ achievements: Start with the child’s first year with baby achievements Trello board. It has cards to record achievements by month in one card. However, you could make singular records for every month.
  • Keep up with your home chores or put together a home improvement project.
  • Plan a get-away: Essentially, arranging for a vacation is a large portion of fun itself. Trello can give you a brilliant outline of trip details, from your booking affirmations to your pressing list to every day’s exercises, so you can unwind and appreciate the get-away when the opportunity arrives.
  • You could keep an upward-running list of book titles in a note or add more association by making cards for each book in Trello.
  • Track your time using this application: Time tracking is probably the ideal approach to building your own and expert efficiency. Tragically, the manual section needed for the most time following strategies can give you cerebral pain. Trello gives a definitive answer to this issue.


There are many benefits of using Trello, but few of them set this tool apart. Here is the list of benefits:

  1. Efficient Board and Card System

Trello’s producers searched for the simplest and most easy-to-use workflow association strategy; they followed the Kanban system that helps you deal with your task with the help of boards and cards for amazing progress. With a board allotted for each undertaking and a card for each errand, there is a slight danger of disarray, as all tasks are at one place and can be tracked with the list. Each board can be a project, a customer, or a part of your life or business you need to put together, like a publication schedule or family errands. Lists are the place where you can separate projects and keep them coordinated.

You can go through Trello’s Power calendar to focus on errands with more limited cutoff times, assign activities a minute ago, and show them relying upon their status. Notwithstanding, the framework does not oblige you to utilize this capacity. You can trigger the iCal feed from your present calendar application and import projects that have effectively been allotted.

You will not ever miss a notification with a Trello Board. At the point when you make Cards, you can add due dates to them. As the date approaches, the card will become yellow, and when you pass the date, it will become red. You can check the due date as ‘complete’ to stay away from the red on your board. Boards are entirely adjustable, permitting clients to set background for their boards and enable clients to add response stickers to specific spaces of their projects. It might appear to be basic; yet causing work to appear to be fun is one thing that truly separates this application from others.

  1. Smooth Editing

Trello’s responsibility is to keep your projects coordinated, which is the reason it ensures you can alter task records online, utilizing the easiest simplified tool. The lists are customizable, implying that you can follow measurements of interest only and never pass up an errand since you have consistent warnings cautions when projects are refreshed, remarked upon, or removed. Furthermore, a notification alert would reach you by email.

  1. Collaboration

One of the advantages we reliably note in Trello is that numerous specialists name Trello as one of the amazing collaborative systems. A case that can be justified by the number of group features accessible in the system: utilizing it, you can empower your whole group to take an interest in significant conversations both groups gathering and one to one talk meetings, send notes, share documents, and even let you remark on individual projects and tasks. Likewise, the system permits you to transfer records directly from your Drop box, Box, or Google Drive account.

  1. Feasibility:

Numerous individuals like Trello for its adaptability. Even though it offers paid systems, the basic plan is free. Likewise, Trello is a portable system where you can get information from any device, incorporating those that work with Android and iOS. These components come full circle in guaranteeing that anyone who can interface with the internet can utilize Trello’s unique features.

  1. Security

Sharing delicate information in Trello shouldn’t concern you by any stretch of the imagination, as the system is intended to conform to the most elevated security principles and utilizes a bank-level encryption component to guarantee your information won’t ever fall into some unacceptable hands. As the administrator, you will set consents, conclude that you want to secure boards by private authorization, which means only authorized people can access your board.

  1. Accessible information base

Trello ensures every single conversation and corporate information will be carefully put away in the system for additional utilization and upheld against inevitable break or disappointment. A few marks and search channels are accessible to assist you with finding the ideal document in under no time.

  1. Easy pricing structure

When contrasted with other management tools, Trello has a less complex pricing structure. You have a free basic version where you can welcome a limitless number of individuals, make boards, cards, and records. In any case, the Business Class costs $25 each month. It gives a swarm of features like Google Apps coordination, simple export of bulk, and the capacity for an administrator to get to and deal with all boards, confine board visibility, incorporate the read-just component, and so on

  1. Integrations with other applications:

Trello works with public developer APIs, implying that you can interface it within a real sense of each outsider application/system and extension. It offers power up integrations. There are plenty of integrations you can add, and the first is free. Examples incorporate integrations with Slack, Mail Chimp, GitHub, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and Salesforce, thus considerably more. It truly is an extraordinary tool for your business and life.

  1. You can begin easily.

At the point when first utilizing Trello, it is not difficult to be lost. It is easy to use, yet you probably will not know how you ought to sort out your boards. The good news is you do not need to begin from a clear board! There are formats and templates you can use for motivation or you can altogether duplicate them and use them.


Everything has cons and pros. While Trello has various extraordinary features and it is not the best fit for each team. Trello is the most used project management tool, but there are few disadvantages such as:

  • Hard to deal with large scale projects

Trello ought not to be your board’s decision when you need to deal with a large project with various groups spread across the globe. It is more appropriate for basic group projects.

  • Capacity limit

You can have quite a few connections on a Trello card; however, there is a 10MB document transfer limit for every connection if you are in a basic part. Business-class and Trello Gold individuals can appreciate a 250MB document transfer limit. 

  • Cannot create a long-term plan on it:

The board is so straightforward and aids the beginning phase of software development. However, it does not help in street planning, regardless of whether it is for something as little as a fourteen-day run. You cannot interface a huge guide objective to cards

  • Issue with commenting

An issue with Trello is that you cannot alter a remark in the card. When you post a comment and save it, you should compose an alternate remark instead of changing the current one.


There are various reasons described above that will make you want to look for an alternative to Trello. Whatever explanation you are considering, you can look below for the best alternative of Trello for your organization or team.

  • Asana: 

A more extensive organization may find this alternative good for their project, as Asana offers more extensive features and is best in dependency management.

  • Jira:

Atlassian is the parent company of both Jira and Trello. Jira is a good project management tool for software teams. Most software developers will find this alternative helpful.

  • Wrike: 

Wrike is similar to Trello, but it offers a vast range of new features like budgeting and time tracking.

  • Workzone:

Workzone is similar to Wrike, but it does not apply to Android and IOS.

  • Proof-hub:

 Proof hub offers a vast range of customizing which makes it a good alternative.

  • Airtable: 

Airtable makes the frequently exhausting errand of adding, overseeing, and working together information much more natural with their beautiful interfaces and simple to utilize portable and work area applications.


As should be obvious, Trello enjoys numerous benefits and can profit organizations, business people, and practically anyone who has day-by-day assignments or undertakings to oversee. The vast range of benefits shows that Trello is a brilliant piece of programming that can assist you with completing those fundamental positions. However, the selection of project management tools depends on your organization and team.


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