Conducting a Successful Video Conference

6 Key Tips for Conducting a Successful Video Conference

During the outbreak of this deadly covid-19 pandemic throughout the world, the importance of video conferencing has emerged as a key strategy to stay connected and being productive, and organizations all around the globe are striving to maintain their workplace environment virtual. 

Whether you are a professional speaker or a participant, learning this skill will influence positively your career going forward. Bearing that in mind, the question is “how do you conduct a successful video conference meeting?” 

To conduct a successful video conference meeting, a few pointers help, such as ensuring that the internet connection is good, choosing a working and reliable video conferencing software, getting familiar with video conferencing tools, and following some business etiquette.

However, if you want to have a thorough look at the tips you can catch up with this article.

6 Key Tips for Conducting a Successful Video Conference

Check if your internet connection is Good

This is considered the most important ingredient in achieving a successful video conference. If your internet turns out to be slow your whole meeting will be badly impacted. If you are using a laptop, make sure to have a LAN cable attached to it to undergo the safest and secure internet connection.

Choose a working and reliable video conferencing software

With reliable video conferencing software it will help in gaining the most effective business communication. You can easily install this type of software online, which is completely free and will let you utilize the virtual meetings for outrageous business profit. You may use Google Meet, Zoom, Jio Meet, MS Teams, and many more.

Also, get an updated version of the software and check if the software is compatible with your Operating System. 

Get familiar with video conferencing tools

No matter what application or software your company is making use of you will need to understand a variety of options and ins and outs. This should be carried out before starting the meeting because hitches happen even with the most professional ones and extraordinary systems.

So you better make sure to install, download and impair plug-ins and test your software’s audio and video before getting started with a video conference.

Do not forget Video Conferencing business etiquettes

Following a few business etiquette during video conference meetings makes it more efficient and productive as compared to video conferences with no standards. For example, for enormous business meetings moderators handle FAQs and features like  “do not disturb” to refrain from any kind of interruption during the meeting.

Also, follow the format like, start with the introduction, do not indulge in impractical conversations, keep reminding attendees to mute their mics during the meeting, and shield the meeting from unwanted calls coming from cellphones and other devices that become the cause of distraction. 

Go with a suitable location and clothing

As the above-mentioned points are important to consider, we should also keep in mind that choosing an appropriate seating area and dress is also a prerequisite. It is recommended to sit in a quiet and easy room or locality with the finest video conferencing tool. 

As with the dressing, remember you are in a formal business meeting so you have to dress accordingly. To maintain the reputation of your company you should avoid wearing fancy or multi-colored dressings.

Connect at least 10 min earlier and test Audio/Video

In order to make sure your audio and video are in the working mode you better connect to the link as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced host or participant, the hassle can take part in the meeting uninvitedly. 

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What are the basic rules in video conference meetings?

As people from all around the world are staying at home for long periods of time, there is a sudden elevation in the scope of teleconferencing. Although it is not difficult to hold a video conference meeting, some people are still concerned about how to get through the video conference meeting efficiently and without getting botched up. 

If you are a newbie and confused about conducting a flawless meeting, Here’s a Great Resource from ZDNET

  • Utilize a Good microphone

So here’s rule no 1: always carry on with a long-lasting and good quality mic because the sound quality is what we need in the first place. Try not to place your computer at a distance this will generate unwanted echo, which will make most listeners uncomfortable.

  • Keep the video quality at least at 720P

Set the video quality to 720P because it will be better than the glitchy video and most networks can handle it fine. When you use joint broadband that also gets shared with the surrounding neighbors it is possible that your video might get stuck. So keep your resolution at 720P. It is completely alright.

  • Organize your background

Sit at a place where the background is not too distracting. For example, while sitting in a place your wall should be blank and simple. Do not sit in front of the window or light it will probably make your camera struggle and your video will be ruined.

If you have chosen to sit in your bed during a meeting then make sure that there isn’t a pile of clothes by your side because what the camera captures is what matters the most.

Types of video conferencing 

  • Desktop application that includes arranging meetings, interacting through HD video and audio, screen sharing, video recording and personal chat.
  • Browser-based for this type of meeting, participants do not need to install any software; they can easily join the link through the web.
  • Mobile-based this is another easy video conferencing tool, you will only need to install a mobile app on your phone and join the video meeting from anywhere using a wifi signal or data plan.

Bottom line

As more people are approaching internet technology considering the present pandemic condition, they are also getting curious to know about attaining a hassle-free video meeting. By utilizing all the above-mentioned tips you can make use of video conferencing effectively. Even if you are a newbie you can follow some basic rules to make your day!


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