Does Zoom Record your Screen or Just the meeting

Does Zoom Record your Screen or just the Meeting?

Zoom meetings aren’t always as exciting as the host hopes. You’re might be exhausted from all the Zoom video calls, meetings, and workshops you’ve had to attend. As a result, you may be tempted to check your email or play online games during a Zoom conference. So you wonder, while working on other tabs, does Zoom record your screen or simply the meeting?

No, Zoom will not record your screen unless you choose to connect your display with other attendees during the session. By default, the host could only begin a local recording on their computer. Any additional attendees who intend to record the conference will need to obtain permission from the meeting’s host.

When using Zoom to conduct a meeting, the host has two distinct tracking options. 

In the first case, manual recording is used, and the session host must press the record button in the program as soon as the meeting begins. The second way is to set up an auto recording to take place. To determine what exactly gets recorded in Zoom, let’s continue reading till the end!

Are Participants Informed of Recording in Zoom Calls?

Zoom alerts guests in three primary ways that their session is being captured.

  1. Audible Alert
  2. Red Recording Light 
  3. Dialogue Box 

An Audible Alert 

Any Zoom account host can turn this audio notice off, except for users dialing in via phone (not those who use the iOS & Android apps).

For a good cause, I’ve decided to do this.

Users who have access to their phones would be completely unaware that session recording was taking place until they heard an audio notice.

Red Recording Light 

Another indicator is a red circle in the upper left corner of the screen, near the term “Recording,” which indicates that a recording is now being made.

The icon looks similar on mobile devices, except it has the abbreviation “REC” beside a red dot instead.

While administrators have the option of turning off other recording alerts, they are unable to turn off this indicator.

Dialogue Box 

Consumers will be presented with a consent disclaimer with two options: “Got It” or “Leave Meeting.”

If the recording session is already underway, when you join, you will be prompted to enter.

Remember that account administrators for API, Business, Enterprise, and Education accounts can customize or disable the consent notification for their accounts.

You may not see the recording authorization dialogue box if you have a Zoom profile linked to your company.

Guests in recorded sessions will always see this message.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Zoom

Does Zoom Capture from your Webcam?

If you have the video switched on, the answer is YES.

Zoom records everything that happens during a recorded session, including your conversations.

Included in this are the contents of your screen, video stream, audio feed, and any public chats and private talks you have with the host (with local recording).

You cannot capture what you’re doing on the computer unless you expressly share your screen with the other person.

There are a handful of snares to be cautious of in this situation.

If you’re participating in a Zoom meeting with video-enabled, it can be relatively clear to the hosts and other attendees if you’re doing anything else.

People can usually tell if you’re actively listening to the meeting or responding to an email if you are looking back and forth across the screen or if it’s evident you’re moving your mouse.

How to keep the Screen Private during Zoom Call?

Disabling video is the most effective way to keep your activity private, providing that your boss or teacher will allow you to do so.

Select “Stop Video” from the drop-down menu in the lower-left corner of the desktop or laptop application.

Additionally, make sure that your microphone is muted, otherwise, the typing, speaking, or worse will be evident to everyone.

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What Does Zoom Attendee Attention Tracker Do? 

Zoom announced Attendee Attention Tracker in early 2018.

Professors can utilize the attention tracking feature to see if students are paying attention during lectures. It was also used in various contexts.

(The Wayback Machine allows you to access the original blog post even if the corporation has removed the release notice from its website.)

If the feature was enabled, Zoom conference hosts might identify users who had been absent from the meeting window for more than thirty seconds.

The Attendee Attention Tracker could not record any user’s screen. Still, a clock indicator next to the attendee’s name and profile photo indicated usage.

Zoom would send hosts an attentiveness report during the conference that specified how much time each user spent paying attention (with the meeting window open and focused).

Does Zoom Attendee Attention Tracker Still Work?

Zoom stopped utilizing attention tracking in April 2020.

Because the capability is no longer available, it must be discussed in the past tense.

To ensure our client’s security and privacy, the corporation declared on its website that “we have deactivated the attendance attention tracker feature.”

Although Zoom thought the tool could be helpful in an educational setting, the risk of abuse led them to delete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a Zoom account to join a meeting?

No, you can join a meeting as a participant if someone invites you with a link. 

2. Does Zoom require a webcam to join a meeting?

A webcam is not required to join a Webinar or Zoom Meeting, and you cannot send a video of yourself. You can still hear and participate during the session, share the screen, & watch other participants’ webcams.


When Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed in 2020, primarily due to COVID-19, the firm drew criticism for balancing privacy issues with features like attention tracking. However, students and employees must be aware that their sessions will be recorded, but their displays are not caught unless they opt to share them with other attendees.

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